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Hydrosphere78 Ocean and inland waters 82 Monitoring the Aral sea 84 Brazil: droughts and  oods87 Scienti c collaborations88 Jason, the ocean mapper92 Marine monitoring7610094 Successful teamwork96 SWOT mission, a generation ahead 99 Devoted to waterCryosphere102 Ice and climate108 CryoSat pole position 110 Sea ice: a major concern 112 SIRAL waves115 Navigation in FinlandSocietal Issues118 Prevention, mitigation and response121 Climate-Energy Plan122 International Charter126 Resilient cities 128 Meteosat heritage131 Satellites watch over the coastline132 Sharing knowledgeLooking ahead140 Gaps and Uncertainties 146 Copernicus, my vision 151 Copernicus and Europe154 Innovative applications155 Climate data and services156 Raising awareness157 Scienti c and technological excellence160 Eumetsat: Grand Challenges164 2040: a space technology scenario 168 International collaboration171 Protecting the Earth172 Mars, Venus, and our own future116138

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