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0824Men & Climate10 From myths to science11 Learning from the Nile14 Observatory and work of art18 The radiation budget19 The greenhouse effect20 Geodesy: triangulation and satellites22 Discovering the sea  oorSatellites, Instruments & Models26 Space missions unveiled30 Radiations and microwaves31 A microscopic world32 From weather forecasts to climate34 Observations and models 34 High resolution modelling37 Climate missions to come38 Space teams40Atmosphere42 The core of climate change 46 GPM Constellation50 Climate reanalysis52 IASI contribution54 Tropical precipitation55 Carbon measurements57 Opening the HeavensBiosphere5860 A remarkable ecosystem64 Biomass measured66 Leveraging forest ecosystems 70 Space Sentinels72 The runaway train of climate Change 75 Protecting the Maasai MaraCONTENT

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